What is Watershed Pro?

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Watershed Support
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Watershed Pro is our direct global distribution platform. We are proud to have partnered with a major tech firm to help roll it out.


We've completely overhauled the music distribution experience, making it a fast, simple, and smooth process. Responsive on all devices.


Create releases


Create a new release, upload your audio and cover art files, add lyrics, and have access to your information at all times. Video distribution is on its way.


Monitor progress


Track your release progress from onboarding to release day for each digital store in each territory worldwide.


Powerful reporting


Our direct supply chain delivers music worldwide and gives insights, trends, and details you will not find elsewhere.


For the first time, you can understand your music business through helpful trends, clear insights, and a wealth of valuable data about your music.


Financial history


Financial details and transaction history for master owners, producers, artists, copyright owners, and any other income participant.


Please contact us if you are interested in Watershed Pro as your distributor.

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