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For those who have gone through and completed a recording with Elevate Pro, you are welcome to distribute the master recordings via the Watershed Pro distribution platform and have your publishing rights administered by Watershed Music Publishing.

The workflow includes the following steps:


1 of 4 - Distribution via Watershed Pro

Original recordings are uploaded to your Watershed Pro account.

The master recordings are your assets but come under our rights management.

You will immediately receive an auto-generated email regarding your distributed release.

A team member will also follow up with a confirmation, a marketing link, and other helpful information.

Please notify us if you are releasing music via Watershed Pro for the first time. We will provide instructions to set up and use your account.


2 of 4 - Administration Agreement

If you are releasing music via Watershed Pro for the first time AND would like us to handle the publishing administration work (as noted below), we must complete the Elevate Pro Administration Agreement. This agreement only needs to be signed one time.

Please contact us when you are ready.


3 of 4 - Turn in song details for publishing administration

Simply stated, original songs or musical compositions that you own or control the rights to may be administered be turned in for publishing administration.

The publishing assets are yours but come under our administration.

Click here to access the New Song Data intake form and to ensure the publishing administration work is handled.


4 of 4 - Turn in details for copyright registration

For original songs you turn in for publishing administration, you may elect us to file your copyrights for copyright protection via the U.S. Library of Congress.

Click here for more, access the copyright details intake form, and ensure the copyright filings are handled.


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