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What is an IPI number?

Think of an IPI number similarly to your social or tax identification number – a unique number identifying a specific person or entity.

The IPI, alternatively known as a CAE number, is an international identification number assigned to songwriters and publishers to identify each “rights holder.”

Rightsholders are assigned IPI numbers when they signup and successfully affiliate with a Performing Rights Organization (“PRO”).


Do I have an IPI number?

Each songwriter and each publisher is assigned a unique IPI number after successfully affiliating with a PRO.

After signing up and confirming your affiliation, you are immediately assigned a unique member account number. After affiliation, your PRO will populate an IPI number for you.

The IPI number is not the same as the member account number.


Do I need an IPI number?

You need to be a member of a PRO, and your songs need to be assigned to your unique IPI number in order for performance royalties to flow to you via your PRO.


How do I find my IPI number?

To find your IPI number, you need to search the public repertory on your PRO’s website.


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