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Where are my royalty payments?
We pay royalties for songs or masters that we represent. However, we will not collect royalties for songs not turned in. Please click here to learn about turning in songs.

Songs that are turned in and are under our administration will generate royalties based on standard music industry accounting cycles and be paid out per our agreement with you (or your publisher or label). Payments are made according to the most recent IRS tax form that you have turned in.


Where are my YouTube royalties?
YouTube generates royalties for three distinct asset types: publishing, sound recordings, and videos on a channel linked to a multi-channel network (“MCN”).

Publishing royalties are paid on publishing income statements.

Sound recording royalties are paid on master income statements.

MCN royalties are paid on master income statements. However, payments are only received from our MCN partner (i.e., Capitol CMG, Matter Music) if the appropriate metadata is set up. If you are expecting or believe you are missing MCN royalties, it is likely due to the timing between metadata set up and the close of our partners’ accounting cycles. Please ask via email if this is the case for you.


To whom do you make payments?
For songs administered or published by Watershed Music Publishing, we pay songwriters, publishers, and income participants directly (unless otherwise instructed by the publisher).

For masters administered or distributed through Watershed Label Services, we pay publishers, artists, producers, master rights holders, and all income participants directly (unless otherwise instructed by the master rights holder).


Can I receive royalty payments electronically?
Yes. ACH or wire transfer is our preferred form of payment. It is also more efficient and cost-effective. Please reach out today to make sure you are set up to receive electronic payments!


When will I receive my royalty payment?
We pay royalties quarterly for accounts whose balance has reached the minimum required threshold and whose IRS tax form we have received.

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