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*Taken from support.google.com

An artist can have more than one type of channel on YouTube:

  • A channel the artist manages themselves.
  • A partner-provided channel, which is managed by a YouTube Music distribution partner (like a record label).
  • A topic channel, which YouTube auto-generates. These channels are titled “Artist Name - Topic” and say “auto-generated by YouTube” in the channel’s About section. Learn about auto-generated topic channels for artists.
  • An Official Artist Channel Music note, a collection of an artist’s music and videos from across all their different YouTube channels. You can find an artist's Official Artist Channel (OAC) by searching for the artist on YouTube. You can also find their OAC by watching an artist's official music video. Learn about Official Artist Channels.

If you’re already subscribed to an artist’s topic channel or partner-provided channel, you’ll automatically be subscribed to their Official Artist Channel when it’s created. Notifications will then be sent from the artist's Official Artist Channel. Learn about notifications from artists.

Once subscribed to an artist’s Official Artist Channel, your subscriptions to their topic channel and partner-provided channel will be inactive. This means they’ll no longer be in your subscriptions list. You can still find an artist's topic channel or partner-provided channel in Search, but these channels will no longer have a subscribe button.

As always, you can manage your subscriptions for any channel you subscribe to, including Official Artist Channels.


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