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Watershed Music Group® can distribute approved music video files to the major platforms and service providers who receive video, as outlined below. Please submit videos here.

Technical specifications required:

  • Codec: Apple ProRes 422 HQ
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • File type: QuickTime .mov
  • Native frame rate of original source: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, or 30fps
  • Audio: Linear PCM, 16-bit or 24-bit, at least 48kHz
  • Important: All videos must begin and end with at least one frame of black
  • Note: Please make sure the video does not include any intro/outro logos, text slates, color bars, social media names, site URLs, etc.

Current video content types include:

  • Official Music Video
  • Lyric Video
  • Artwork Video Visualizer
  • Live Performance
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Teaser Trailer

Current video platforms include:

  • Amazon Music Video
  • Apple Music Video
  • Boomplay Video
  • Facebook Music Video
  • Tidal Video
  • XITE
  • Vevo

Network/platform varies by content type. Please ask for details.

Remember, in the music distribution jungle, content is king. The more content you put out around your music, the better your chance of getting your music heard. Very few independent music artists have or take the opportunity to properly distribute music videos. Still, you can go the extra mile beyond the average, put in the work, and take the opportunity to set yourself apart.

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